The origin of the title ‘Never Flick the Nipple’ is somewhat of an interesting story. While at the Eluveitie concert at Billboard The Venue on 24/5/2013 (*see the live gig review here), me, my eldest sister, Kylie, and my second eldest sister’s boyfriend, Trevor, were all just screwing around with each other. While in between acts, me and Trevor were messing around (just being stupid for the sake of it, really). I punched him in the arm, and he flicked me on my nipple. I cried out in protest, “Dude, don’t flick the nipple!” We all laughed, and having already been discussing the creation of a metal blog to them, him and Kylie suggested I use that as my title. I mean, it is pretty unique after all. Trevor suggested I change the name to ‘Never Flick the Nipple’, and thus legend was born! Okay, a slight exaggeration there, but it does add a certain ring to it.

As for myself, I’m just a regular guy. Granted, a regular metal guy, but still just a regular guy, nonetheless. Thanks to the influence of the music I grew up with, I’ve always possessed a keen interest in metal and rock. I’m currently working on my debut novel, a fantasy work I’ve entitled, Pantheawar (granted, a working title), which incorporates a post-apocalyptic setting featuring character’s and lands from world mythology and legend.

I also write and do reviews for local and international bands over at Metal Obsession.net. And you can find my randomness on Twitter too at @JBesanko92.

With all that in mind, always remember: never flick the nipple!


Jonathon Besanko, Administrator of Never Flick the Nipple


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